Solavei iPhone Compatibility

This Solavei™ review covers the iPhone® and it’s compatibility on Solavei Mobile Network.

People want to save money with the $49/month 4G Unlimited voice/text/data nationwide service… but many people love the Apple iPhone.

UPDATE: Apple 4S iPhones running on the upgraded T-Mobile 4G network in NY, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, and Seattle, are giving 75% faster download speeds on average than the AT&T network. Many more major cities are due
for the upgrade by the end of 2012.

Below is more detailed information, but here’s the bottom line at this time:

If you have an unlocked GSM (takes a SIM card) iPhone, the Solavei network will give you a quality voice and text experience with data at 2G / EDGE speeds.

If you’re currently with AT&T or T-Mobile, your iPhone is considered a GSM
phone, and CAN accept a Solavei SIM card

If you’re currently with Verizon or Sprint, your iPhone is considered a CDMA
phone, and WILL  NOT accept a Solavei SIM card.

If you want to leverage all of the capabilities of the 4G network, you’ll want to have a compatible Android-OS phone.

If you’re building a Solavei business, then you need a compatible Android phone to be able to use the Solavei App, which lets you access your back-office, access the social network and setup people up in the network, from your phone. Having the App is a huge advantage to having a truly mobile business.

Use of the iPhone on Solavei Network

We understand the use of an iPhone on the Solavei Network is important to our members, and our members experience is our top priority.

Due to the current iPhone experience on the Solavei Network we encourage our members to purchase or use an Android device, however if you are a loyal iPhone user consider the following before making this decision:

The iPhone will not be an officially supported phone by Solavei at the time of launch because the iPhone is not compatible with the Solavei Community mobile application. For iPhone users, access to the Solavei Community will be available via the website which you can still reach from your phone browser.

The iPhone will be categorized as a“Usable Phone”– meaning that provided the member has an unlocked GSM (takes a SIM card) version of the iPhone, they will be able to put in a Solavei SIM card and get a quality voice and text experience with data at 2G / EDGE speeds.

T-Mobile has reshuffled the frequencies on its network to let it match or even exceed AT&T’s data speeds on iPhones. Initially, that will be noticeable only in a few spots scattered around in such cities as New York, Seattle, Las Vegas and Washington.

Enhancing data speeds to 3G and 4G on the Solavei Network requires Solavei partners to complete a significant network upgrade and become compatible with a new frequency range. Our partners are investing heavily and have urgency to complete these upgrades. Solavei will notify its members as use of higher speeds for the iPhone become available city-by-city in the future.

How do I unlock my iPhone?

Call your current provider to request this.

Anything else I need to know?

Once you’ve signed up for Solavei service, be sure to visit our Online Support Community and follow the steps in this link to configure your settings.

Why Android Instead Of The iPhone?

The HTC One S currently being offered by Solavei is rich and highly competitive phone that many critics are declaring to be superior to the iPhone.

Android market share in the U.S and nationwide continues to rise and far exceeds any other operating system. There are roughly 100M smart phones in use in the U.S, 50% of these being Android (50M), 30% being iPhones (30M) with a smaller share of Blackberry, Windows, etc.

The 50%+ of U.S. Android mobile users also rave about the variety of handset manufacturers, styles, pricing and free applications available with the Android operating system.

Which Solavei Phone Should You Get?

Solavei Mobile HTC One S Outshines the iPhoneIf you’re in Solavei to make significant money, then I would get the HTC One S phone.

As a previous iPhone user, I think that the HTC One S outshines the iPhone.

Demonstrating the product is half the sale, so you want a phone that leverages 4G technology, so that it’s blazing fast and able to run the Solavei App.

If you try to convince iPhone users to switch, they need to see a top of the line phone to entice them, and the HTC One S phone is definitely it.

It’s going to be viral… get ready to catch it!

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