Solavei Empowers You

Are you looking into becoming a Solavei Member?

Instead of repeating what’s already been covered in the Solavei presentation videos, I’ll focus on showing you how our team can help you REACH YOUR GOALS.

Solavei’s vision is much more than just just offering unlimited talk, text, and data for only $49/mo on a 4G Nationwide Network via TMobile.

Former T-Mobile COO, Sue Nokes says “Solavei is this generation’s Walmart.”

Our mission is to put money back in to the people’s hands.

Our goal is to Empower You to get your mobile phone service for FREE,
and to earn Fast Start Bonuses and a great monthly residual income,
so that you can get ahead financially.

Be Careful Which Solavei Team You Join

I’ve had several people contact me and tell me they aren’t getting support from the team they joined… so please don’t just sign up with just any team and hope for the best. To optimize your success, your home business needs a great support team.

We are part of the #1 team in all of Solavei.

Stacy Wallace, who is one of the 12 Founding Solavei Members, and
Laura Wells, provide support and training to you as part of our team.

One of the best benefits of the Network Marketing business model are the relationships that you build with your team, so choose wisely.

We Provide Training And Support To Help You Succeed

We have weekly leadership calls and a training website that gives you the latest updates and training, to build your business.

We have a Facebook page where you can get your questions answered quickly.

We Provide Social Media Marketing Training

More and more people are posting information about Solavei on Facebook and Twitter, but most of it comes across as spam.

People are on Facebook to connect with others, not to be sold something, so your approach needs to be different than other people.

As part of our team, you will get access to Social Media Marketing trainings, that help you share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, without being ‘salesy”.

We Provide Local Market Training

Your local market is wide-open and we’ll teach you how to attract people to you.

If you’re ready to get 4G mobile service for FREE and ready to earn Fast Start Bonuses and a residual income stream, Click Here To Get Started With Solavei

Here’s some additional information about Solavei, to help you get a bigger picture of how it can empower you to fulfill your dreams.

Solavei™ Is Much More Than Just Another Product And Business

Solavei is creating the first Social Commerce Network that empowers its Members, instead of letting all the profits go to big corporations.

Our two-tiered affiliate program is designed to help millions of people become “thousandaires”, instead of a only making a few people millionaires.

And most importantly, we are a community where our team
gives you recognition for your efforts.

Stop Overpaying For Your Mobile Phone Service

The average mobile phone bill is $71/month. How much are you paying?

Solavei is only $49/month for UNLIMITED Talk, Text and Data
on America’s largest 4G Network

Stop Getting Locked Into Long Contracts

Companies offer a nice phone at a discount to entice you, but you have to
agree to a 2-year contract. That’s called Golden Handcuffs.

Solavei phone service is only $49/month… with no contract.

Get Rewarded For Helping Others Save Money

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint spent 12 Billion Dollars on advertising last year.

Solavei pays its marketing dollars to its members, who share by word of mouth, with business cards and with our cutting-edge social media tools.

Our goal is to see how fast we can pay 1 BILLION DOLLARS to Solavei Members who refer others to our network.  What part of that do you want?

Get Your Solavei Phone Service For Free

By simply referring just 9 people, you can earn $60/month, which pays for your service. If that happens in your first 60 days, you get $350 in Fast Action Bonuses

If you refer 12 people to Solavei service, you get paid $8o/month.
If that happens in your first 60 days, you get $650 in Fast Action Bonuses

Earn Residual Income And Bonuses

Here’s where it gets really interesting.  If your 12 people also refer 12 people, you would earn $1,040/mo. How would that impact your life?

And as the word spreads and more people join your network, your residual income can grow accordingly.*

Sharing The Solavei Message Is Simple

How many people do you know that would like to only pay $49/mo. for unlimited voice, text and data?

Better yet, how many of those people would like to get their 4G phone service for free AND earn residual income and bonuses?

The Solavei Phone App Gives You A Portable Business

The revolutionary mobile phone app will allow you to conduct business anywhere.

You can show the video and setup people on the network right from your phone.

The Solavei Social Media Tools Helps You Share Naturally

Solavei connects mobile phone service with Facebook and Twitter, to help members easily and naturally share how they are saving money and earning money.

And when you earn a Commission Bonus, a message of congratulations will be sent out on Facebook and Twitter, which naturally causes your connections to ask you how you did it.

This starts a natural conversation where you invite them to learn more and get setup. This can spread virally online. And it’s all tracked to give you credit.

Here’s The Potential For You

Wireless is a $169 Billion dollar industry. There are 300 million mobile devices in the U.S., and the average monthly phone bill is $71

This gives you a huge opportunity to help people save money, get their mobile service for free, and make money with Solavei.

In the next 2 years, there will be 5 billion mobile devices around the world.

Solavei will expand internationally in late 2013, which will open up our viral social network to billions of phones.

Former COO & CCO at T-Mobile, Sue Nokes says “Solavei is this generation’s Walmart.”

Future Solavei Products and Services

Once we gather market share in the mobile phone sector, we’ll leverage our purchasing power to drive down the prices on energy, cable and other services.

Future merchant partners include Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, Staples, Macy’s and many more, where 3-12% of purchases are paid back to Solavei and back into the compensation plan.

So Why Should You Join The Solavei Team?

It’s a no-brainer, because you can save money on your wireless bill by paying only $49/mo with no contract.

You can get one of our cutting-edge HTC phones or Bring Your Own Phone.

By simply sharing that you’re saving money, you can earn referral commissions, which can pay for your service.

You get tools to easily share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which are tracked to give you credit. Or use our business cards.

And you can be a part of the Solevei Revolution!

The people you know are going to hear about Solevei, so you might as well be the one who tells them about it… and be a part of a next big shift in the way people buy their services.

Contact me to get setup as a Member now!

Solavei Has Huge Credibility

The Executive Team boasts an impressive list of credentials.

  • A former Head of Mobile Data Services of AT&T and Sprint
  • A former JP Morgan Chase Payments Executive
  • A former Chief Accounting Officer of T-Mobile
  • A former U.S. Congressman
  • A former President of Viridian Network
  • A former VP of customer service at T-Mobile
  • A former T-Mobile Head of MVNO/M2M
  • A former VP of Global OEM and OS Services at Motricity
  • A former Communications Executive at Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Here’s the credentials of the people who are on the Board of Advisors and Investors

  • Former COO and CCO of T-Mobile
  • VP of Amazon, former CSO of Palm and Liberate
  • CEO of Cavallino Capital, former COO of Walmart, Louis Vuitton, and Target
  • SVP of Asurion
  • Chief digital officer of News Corp, former chairman and CEO of AOL
  • Former CFO of Coinstar (Redbox), RealNetworks, and Bsquare
  • Managing director of Fuse Capital, former founder of ComVentures
  • Former CFO of CyberSafe Corp, Wall Data, Managing Partner Ernst & Young
  • Former FCC Chief Of Staff

I think this is a major league opportunity in particular because we are right in the sweet spot of the trends of Mobile and Social commerce that will power the next generation of really big businesses.”
Jon Miller – former Chairman & CEO of AOL

It’s going to be viral… get ready to catch it!

Get Started With Solavei Mobile Wireless Phone Service.

* see the compensation plan for more details on how to earn income with Solavei